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Have a Delicious Easter Mani & Pedi Layout A5
Have a Delicious Easter Mani & Pedi Layout A5
Have a Delicious Easter Mani & Pedi Layout A5
Have a Delicious Easter Mani & Pedi Layout A5


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“Scheduled random” and predicting your success

The pareto law (pareto principles) is applicable to many areas in life including business and marketing strategies. 

There is another model named “Scheduled random” (that partly reminds the pareto principle) that claims that 20% success of any marketing model or even a military campaign will guarantee general and final success. ,

For example, if you are in an election campaign and you manage to win the votes of 20% of each city, you will most probably (90%) win the entire election campaign. 

Thinking about it actually makes sense. If you believe that 20% of the customers make 80% of your business, than, when your message reaches those 20% you already have nearly 80% of success. 

Many times, those 20% are the ones that convince the remaining 80% (more or less) about choosing your product or service. Hence it is critically important that you check and master this 20% “Scheduled random” phenomena. 

Here is the feedback that we measure when it comes to analyzing the amount of readers that open our weekly newsletter.

As you can see (at the image below): 

  1. 26% of the receivers of the weekly newsletter open the mail and read the content. 
  2. 33% of the August visitors to the DR BAUMANN INSTITUT bought products.

Summary: in both of the above 2 parameters the DR BAUMANN INSTITUT is way above the 20% of the “Scheduled random” principles. Continuing this way is pretty promising. However, from now and for ever each campaign must be analyzed in order to make sure that we keep scoring 20% or more OTHERWISE the opposite negative effect is inevitable and we will start to loose customers and sales. 

Make sure that you measure your campaigns, your sales and other important parameters just to make sure that you are “above the red line” (above the 20%of the “Scheduled random” principles). Take immediate action in order to do the necessary correction so that you are always “above the red line”. Make it a part of your plans and check it constantly and consistently.

26% (at least) of the DR BAUMANN INSTITUT customer database opens and reads the weekly newletter (see image below)

Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 17.55.40

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