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Why Dr.Baumann is the best in the world, and why should it be your one and only beauty and health product

Dr.Baumann offers EXCLUSIVE Bionome Skincare from Germany.

Dr.Baumann is the Only company in the world,that Bio-technically  produces "body identical" active ingredients that exist in your skin naturally, and are recognized by the immune system as endemic to the body.

Its doesn't matter what is the name  of cosmetic. The main Question is -"IS IT HEALTHY?"Do the ingredients do what they promise? 

Sometimes is it not what in the product,sometimes its what you leave out!

Skin care is only healthy and safe when the ingredients used are compatible and identical to the skin.

Healthy or not-NEVER BETWEEN!

Your skin can not be beautiful if its not healthy! Beautiful,healthy skin all about balance!WE are what we eat! WE are NUTRITION'S. To have beautiful,healthy skin,body has to have all ingredients to make healthy cells.The skin get last bits from your nutrition diet,therefore ,we need to feed skin from outside. Dr Baumann products,contains ONLY what your body needs to build healthy cells, and its  suitable for the all family!

Every ingredient in the product are matching to the Hydralyphidic layer of the skin, its like "you treating your skin with a skin" is in it amazing?!

Stop feeding your skin with toxins.Skin will fight if its won't recognize the product(the earliest your skin will react on allergen its 4 days, but can show only after 20 years!!!), and soon or later skin won't be able to manage anymore and "WAR" will happen- sensitivity,acne,allergy,premature aging,cancer...Don't wait for this to happen, make a right decision  right now!

Love yourself- Love Dr.Baumann

Visit us for FREE consultation at Dr.Baumann  Das institute 309 Bryanston drive,or call as on 011 706 1956 or 011 7065262

Principles Dr. Baumann Principles[416]


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