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Are you just BUSY or are you really  PRODUCTIVE and EFFECTIVE is the question that many businesses miss. 

Most people are SO BUSY to the point that ey have ZERO TIME to take care of themselves not to speak about their family etc...

They never or hardly go to GYM because they are simply SOOOOOOOOO BUSY. 

They will quickly snack junk food because they are simply SOOOOOOOOO BUSY. 

They will forget their LIFE GOALS because they are simply SOOOOOOOOO BUSY. 

BUSY is a dangerous mindset as it makes people take quick instinct decisions and choices just because they are simply SOOOOOOOOO BUSY. 

So, instinct decisions and choices turns to be their LIFE MANAGEMENT STYLE.....That is referred to the RIGHT SIDE OF THE MIND which is in charge of SURVIVAL. 

In the same time, you have the left side of your brain which is able to: analyse, dissect , calculate, evaluate and plan. 

In order to move from BEING SOOOOO BUSY to becoming SOOOOO PRODUCTIVE, you will HAVE TO SLOW DOWN and analyse, dissect , calculate, evaluate and plan. You will HAVE TO USE YOUR LEFT SIDE simply because the right side / the instinctive SIDE is not able to: analyse, dissect , calculate, evaluate and plan. IT SIMPLY CANNOT, full stop!!! 

Every EVENING BY THE END of the day ( and again every morning ) YOU MUST HOLD YOUR GOALS IN YOUR MIND ( or even better, write the down on paper and remind yourself every day about them) and CHOOSE YOUR 3 MOST IMPORTANT TASKS OF THE DAY. That needs PROCESSING POWER to go through all your TO DO LIST and SELECT those 3 MOST IMPORTANT TASKS OF THE DAY. You must be totally focused, quite and ISOLATED from any instinctive emotions so that you will succeed in your best choices and plans. YOUR 3 MOST IMPORTANT TASKS OF THE DAY must be the shortest and most effective activities that will bring you closer to your GOALS. 

That routine must be repeated each and every day without stop. That is the different management style that RESULTS IN BEING SUPER PRODUCTIVE vs just being SOOOOO BUSY ( going nowhere).

See the e-mail bellow. I received it today. It is about a business in the UK offering / quoting me for printing my visit cards in the UK while I am in South Africa. The stupid person that sent it was SOOOOO BUSY sending irrelevant information to a NO POTENTIAL CLIENT in a distance country etc.... in the same time, the same person could do something much more effective and approach POTENTIAL customers instead of wasting his time and the money that he was paid!!!





Hope you are doing well.


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