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Goal setting is actually DIVING not climbing

Goal setting is actually DIVING not climbing

Goal setting is actually DIVING not climbing. Even that we grew up to believing or IMAGINING OURSELVES CLIMBING to the TOP and raising our hands declaring I DID IT!!!

You were born into a free fall to your destiny and you must FIND YOUR GOALS (you landing spot - the net). 

You can't waste time as the END is coming so fast ( how many times you hear "life is short").

You must constatly STAY FOCUSED and you can't loose eye contact with your goals / the net. 

You must TAKE ACTION and FLY towards your goals / the net. 

There are obstacles ( air streams ) that may drift and or shift your streight flight towards your goals / the net and you mustn't be distracted and CUT TROUGH IT.

YOU CAN FLY if you use your natural gifts, open your hands and BECOME a bird. Yes, you can fly as if you are a bird , IF YOU TRY. 

Don't accept crashing down and missing the net, you can definitely NAVIGATE towards the net if you choose to.

Many people before you made it to the NET and so can you if you choose to, if you accept that missing the net is not an option 

Most people just accept the bitter end and won't do anything about it while waiting for a miracle ...praying and hoping. 

It is about YOUR TRANSFORMATION from passive viewer to an active master of your destiny. 

It is about YOUR TRANSFORMATION from being the cocoon and transformed into a butterfly.

Before YOUR TRANSFORMATION you just dropped down like a stone and now AFTER YOU TRANSFORMATION you got those wings and you can fly

YOUR TRANSFORMATION happens on the way down towards your goals / the net. 

Getting the wings to help you navigate rather than to have a passive drop down.

You are SO MUCH MORE than what you think that you are.

TRANSFORM TODAY , life is short 



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