Key questions

Million Dollar Questions

The 10 Questions that customers should ask but don’t. These are the most important questions that a consumer can ask prior to purchasing skincare. Questions that should change the way he/she purchases products forever!

1) What is the difference between Bionome products and so called “natural” products?

As mentioned previously natural products are not necessarily beneficial for the skin and in some cases may even cause allergies. This is often the case as “natural” products are not necessarily skin compatible. Bionome products on the other hand are products that contain only ingredients that are completely skin compatible or are skin Identical. They are always environmentally friendly (no paper packaging is used) and animal friendly (no animal ingredients are used). Bionome products are always free of:

Mineral oils
Animal derivatives
Chemical sunscreens
Chemical preservatives
Unnecessary paper packaging

Abiding to the above principles guarantees the user of Bionome products absolutely healthy and safe skincare for her/him and the whole family. What could be more important!

To what risks am I, my family and friends exposed if:

2) I use skincare that contains chemical preservatives?

3) I use skincare that contains chemical sunscreens?

4) I use skincare that contains fragrance?

5) I use skincare that contains chemical colorants?

6) I use skincare that contains mineral oils when I can use products that contain healthy vegetable oils?

7) Why should I never pay for skincare wrapped in paper packaging?

8) How can I ensure (test/check) if my skincare is safe, effective and worth buying? What instruments can I use to check this important issue?
SkinKa, Skin analysis, ICi Dictionary and Questionaire

9) Why Should I avoid purchasing ingredients over a counter and insist on having an analysis done by an authorised Skinologist prior to buying my skincare?

10) Why is Dr. Baumann the best skincare and SkinIdent the ultimate skincare?

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  3. Ethical commitment to animal and environmental protection

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