CAN'T hold it in your MIND

CAN'T hold it in your MIND

Well that is IT, IF CAN'T hold it in your MIND will never be able to hold it in your hand.

It is as SIMPLE AS IT SOUNDS. You may wonder , that all there is ? and the answer is NO. there is MUCH MORE but YES, that all there is to start with!!!

If you think that it is too easy to be true. Well, give it a try and let's see how well you score.....

Try to hold it in your mind, without loosing it. Non-stop focusing on it and not allowing any distractions. 

Because it is those distractions that will kick you out of your super focus on what you "hold in' your mind, otherwise, at the moment that you stop holding it in your mind, you will loose it all ....and you will need to start it all again...and again...

Otherwise, your own thoughts, your own worries my interrupt your FOCUS on "holding it" in your mind and you will again slide back to the beginning and will need to start it all again. 

It happens every day to most of us and the winners are the ones that NO MATTER WHAT stick to the principle and KEEP HOLDING IT in your mind just because it is the MOST IMPORTANT PRINCIPLE to become successful. 

Define your desires in all areas of life, now focus on the financial area, on your wealth and HOLD THIS SUPER SUCCESS IMAGE and own it. Do, loose it and work on detailing this image daily. update your vision, put it on a timeline and start working to get there while NOT ONLY NEVER LOOSING YOUR SUCEES IMAGE but constantly busy improving the vibrance and the clarity of what you desire. 


THE ECONOMICS of buying beauty machines - FINAL PART

THE ECONOMICS of buying beauty machines - FINAL PART

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So, this is THE ECONOMICS of buying beauty machines - FINAL PART

You can grow your business ONLY trough the following strategies:

  1. Adding more customers 
  2. Adding more PRODUCTS and SERVICES 

So, lets quickly details the upper two options

  1. Adding more customers - in order to attract NEW CUSTOMERS you need to have a "new hook". Why will you need a "new hook"? The answer is that your current amount of EXISTING customers are with you because they "bit" your current hooks. Hence, if you want MORE CUSTOMERS you need "MORE HOOKS" Or if you want to have "OTHER CUSTOMERS" (richer, more knowledgable, vegans, animal protection supporters, climate aware customers, younger etc...) , so, in order to attract those NEW CUSTOMERS / OTHER CUSTOMERS to the one that you already have, you will need "OTHER HOOKS" >>> NEW CUSTOMERS / OTHER CUSTOMERS = "OTHER HOOKS". The NEW COSMETIC MACHINE that you may purchase may be a game changer and act as YOUR "OTHER HOOK" and be the magnets to attract customers that you didn't have so far. Once that you will have a NEW INCREASED TRAFFIC of new customers that will be attracted to the services offered by your NEW BEAUTY MACHINES, the same NEW CUSTOMERS / OTHER CUSTOMERS can be directed by you and introduced to all your other services and products which they didn't know that you offer. In other words, NEW CUSTOMERS / OTHER CUSTOMERS that will join you in order to be treated by your NEW BEAUTY MACHINES will end up buying from you products and services simply because THEY ARE ALREADY IN YOUR PREMISSES and exposed to all that you have to offer. 
  2. Adding more PRODUCTS and SERVICES - Your EXISTING CUSTOMERS are spending a certain budget at your place. This budget is what they believe that they can spend in relationship to what you currently have to offer. BUT, once that you ADD NEW BEAUTY MACHINES and NEW SERVICES, you automatically can expect that the SAME EXISTING CUSTOMERS will spend more as you have MORE TO OFFER. Foe example, you added a fat freeze sliming machine: at this moment, every customer that maybe interested in loosing weight can spend their relevant budget at your business rather than pending it els-ware or at your DIRECT competition  which added such a BEAUTY MACHINE and slimming services.

Summary: There are additional perspectives and opportunities to the decision of BUYING A NEW BEAUTY MACHINES as it:

  1. Generates more traffic of NEW CUSTOMERS / OTHER CUSTOMERS to the ones that you already have 
  2. Generates more sales to the EXISTING customers that you already have - you increase share of the beauty budget that your customers spend with you.
  3. Generates better CUSTOMER perception of your business as CUSTOMER evaluate you as an innovative growing business while you add relevant new technologies and services. 
  4. Generates better POSITIONING as CUSTOMER perceive you and your business as more valuable to your community, city, neighborhood have a NEW BEAUTY MACHINE and can offer more solutions to more problems = greater social value. 

THE ECONOMICS of buying beauty machines - part 1


THE ECONOMICS of buying beauty machines - part 1

Please consider reading the following POST before reading this one - Here is the link, read THE SOCIAL PERSPECTIVE of buying beauty machines .

Like any investment, investing in a BEAUTY MACHINE / LASER etc…. is no difference. Hence, you need to take the total purchase amount that the BEAUTY MACHINE / LASER etc….and depreciate it over a period of 5 years.

For example, you paid 21.000 USD $ , hence, the monthly depreciation will be 21.000 USD $ divided into 60 month ( 5 years) = 350 $ USD per month.

Direct cost - 350 $ USD per month will be the direct costs of the beauty machine.

IN-Direct cost - of the beauty machine are maintenance ( water and filter replacement, service), insurance and repairs. You must calculate the monthly rate. adding 250 $ USD can make sense, especially for heavy daily users.

FINANCE - if you plan to finance the purchase of the beauty machine, the financial finance costs / the interest paid on such a loan must be added to the monthly costs.

Total Monthly cost = buying the device / depreciation 350 $ USD + insurance , finance , repairs and service 250 $ = 600 $ USD. That is an example of a 21.000 $ USD laser machine, and other machine / price can be calculated in the same proportional costs.


The sales price ratio of any treatment using the beauty machines are normally 5 or even up to 10 times higher than the total monthly cost. So, a beauty machine that cost you 600 $ monthly costs can potentially contribute sales of 6000$ USD per month. Out of that you will pay:

Total Monthly cost = 600 $ USD

Price / Positioning prices any of your new treatment using the beauty machine can be set by: researching the current prices in your market set by your competition using same beauty machines or similar ones.

Proportional ent and electricity   = depending on your country / city

Salary to the cosmetician that will operate the treatments with the beauty machine   = depending on your country / city

Marketing and advertisement costs to promote the treatment sales involving the beauty machine   = depending on your country / city


Do the math following this formula and or consult your accountant to assist you with setting the correct prices to maximise the contribution of your new beauty machine.

All of that work and calculation can and should be made prior to purchasing the beauty machine.


Summary -

  1. When purchasing a beauty machine, let your accountant assist you in calculating all the above factors to determine the REAL MONTHLY EXPENSE and set up the treatment prices at a multiplication of 5-10 times the of your cost per treatment.
  2. Look at the current market prices to learn about your competitors offer and get a better proportion on the prices that CUSTOMERS EXPECT TO PAY for similar treatments

Should you have further questions regarding this POST please let me know.

THE SOCIAL PERSPECTIVE of buying beauty machines

THE SOCIAL PERSPECTIVE of buying beauty machines

Read the previous POST "Should "I BUY" this Beauty Machine" (click here) before you go on reading this POST. 

There are many replies that are relevant to this question and each of them answers this question from a different perspective.

So, let's start with the "SOCIAL PERSPECTIVE”.

When you ask the question  "Should "I BUY" this Beauty Machine ”you automatically and unconsciously put the “I” in the centre of the question. Should I ….. is your question while from the "SOCIAL PERSPECTIVE” you shouldn’t be the centre of the question but instead the “CUSTOMER” must be the centre of the question. 


Instead of asking : "Should "I BUY" this Beauty Machine”? you can change the question to “ DOES THE CUSTOMER WANT ME TO BUY THIS COSMETIC MACHINE”?


If the customer wants you to do SOMETHING, it mean that the CUSTOMER has EXPECTATIONS regarding YOU. If you will constantly ( not sometimes) live up to the CUSTOMERS EXPECTATIONS, you will gain CONSTANT CUSTOMER LOYALTY. At the same moment that you will stop fulfilling CUSTOMERS EXPECTATIONS , YOU YOURSELF can EXPECT CUSTOMER LOYALTY to vapour , exactly as your commitment to fulfil CUSTOMERS EXPECTATIONS!!!




Now back to the same question and now replying from the SOCIAL PERSPECTIVE : "Should "I BUY" this Beauty Machine?

The SOCIAL PERSPECTIVE answer is: THE CUSTOMER DOESN’T KNOW which machines you need to buy. THE CUSTOMER though know only ONE TRUTH which is:

  • THE CUSTOMERS EXPECTS YOU to do everything possible in order that you will be able to provide the CUSTOMER with the best, most modern, most innovative SOLUTIONS to the CUSTOMERS NEEDS / problems.
  • THE CUSTOMERS EXPECTS YOU to KNOW which machines and newest technologies are the best ones for fulfilling CUSTOMERS NEEDS.
  • THE CUSTOMERS EXPECTS YOU to “lead the pack” and be the BEST OPTION , BEST CHOICE compared to OTHER ALTERNATIVE competition ( other beauty salons)
  • THE CUSTOMERS EXPECTS to feel “SMART” each time they choose to come to you, BECAUSE each time they come to you it is instead of going somewhere else. So, each time they VOTE FOR YOU , they want to FEEL SMART, feel good about themselves.
  • THE CUSTOMERS EXPECTS that you EVOLVE rather than stay stagnant and BORING. The ideas of innovation and CONSTANT evolution that are RAPIDLY present in the HIGH TECH teach the CUSTOMERS to expect INNOVATION AND EVOLUTION in your own business , or, they may perceive you as YOU ARE BEHIND ….and look for more innovative alternative supplier / beauty salons.


So, to go back to the original question:  "Should "I BUY" this Beauty Machine”?

The answer is YES!!!! If it is really effective in improving the lives of your CUSTOMERS.

More so IF: it ticks all the ‘boxes” and makes you RELEVANT in the eyes of the CUSTOMERS.

More so IF: adding this new cosmetic machine ALINGS YOUR BUSINESS with the CUSTOMERS EXPECTATIONS.

More so IF: adding this new cosmetic machine improves the BOND / THE GLUE of customers loyalty which is very fragile in todays era of customers habits.


15 Books Seth Godin recomends

August 07, 2019


Jeff Bezos’ best read

August 06, 2019

Jeff Bezos’ best read

READ what the best are reading and you may get some great ideas.

If you "don't have time" to educate yourself, you will most probably stay uneducated and you won't even know. 

Only when starting to explore, you become aware to how much you still need to learn and digest. 

Here are the books recommended by Jeff Bezos. 

  1. “The Remains of the Day” by Kazuo Ishiguro
  2. “Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies” by Jim Collins
  3. “Creation: Life and How to Make It” by Steve Grand
  4. “Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap … and Others Don’t” by Jim Collins
  5. “The Innovator’s Dilemma” by Clayton Christensen
  6. “Sam Walton: Made in America” by Sam Walton
  7. “Lean Thinking: Banish Waste and Create Wealth in Your Corporation” by James Womack and Daniel Jones
  8. “Memos from the Chairman” by Alan Greenberg
  9. “The Mythical Man-Month” by Frederick P. Brooks, Jr.
  10. “The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvements” by Eliyahu Goldratt
  11. “Data-Driven Marketing: The 15 Metrics Everyone in Marketing Should Know” by Mark Jeffery
  12. “The Black Swan” by Nassim Taleb
  13. “The Effective executive - peter drucker 
  14. " a wrinkle in time "
  15. "DUNE" - frank Herbert 
  16. "The Everything Store" - Brad Stone 




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