DRBDI August Growth Report

DRBDI August Growth Report

Dr Baumann Das Institut August Growth Report shows 84% growth vs August 2018 and the annual 2019 (1st January- 30th August) Growth Report vs the same time frame in 2018 shoes 53% growth!!!! 

Those remarkable achievements are in spite of a slowdown in the local economy, in spite of currency exchange rates and in spite of hesitation and fear of the unknown! 

This achievement has many reasons and they are too many to count. 

In the background there is a strong belief, goal setting and a selective focus on what matters most and close team work. 

This POST isn't about bragging but about POTENTIAL!!! There is always MORE POTENTIAL to maximise and MORE POTENTIAL for creativity. 

  1. If you are a beauty salon owner, join us and let's work together to guide you in achieving similar results 
  2. If you are a beauty salon owner who wants to develop into a regional , national or international distributor, join us and use our strategy to maximise your exiting potential.
  3. If you are a user of skincare products, don't compromise and insist on visiting the Dr Baumann Das Institut and let our team guide you in how to buy and use thee most professional skincare ever created.

This remarkable business growth achievement isn't temporary but ongoing business growth on top of business growth year after year and we MUST BE GOOD NOUGH to deserve those remarkable results!!! 






The best of Israeli innovation and technical expertise combined with German quality manufacturing.


It is definitely time to completely rethink resurfacing lasers and take a close look at Thermo- Mechanical Technology at its best.The spotlight definitely falls on two amazing devices used for fractional skin rejuvenation, and other concerning skin conditions. These devices are the non invasive  Mezotix, Tixel and Tixel 2 machines. Mezotix is designated for beauty salons and SPAS and Tixel and Tixel 2 the more intensive treatment to be carried out by doctors and dermatologists.


Sky mexotix
 Why has it become the obvious choice?
It can be used for the same cosmetic treatments as ablative and fractionated CO2 or Er-YAG lasers, or radio frequency and is used to:

  • Treat lines and wrinkles 
  • Deal with skin discolouration
  • Repair sun damaged skin 
  • Remove age spots
  •   Get rid of acne by destroying the bacteria at its source
  • Refine scarring and flatten keloid scarring
  • Stimulates collagen production.
  • But  the clear difference being absolutely no down time ,virtually pain free and a feeling of a mild sunburn for about a day, with no danger of damaging or scarring to the skin.


In an ablative mode it can create controlled deep or shallow disruption to the skin in order to stimulate skin collagen production and activate rejuvenation .

The non ablative mode as with the ablative mode creates permeable channels which can assist the transfer of topical applications(product) into the skin. 


Why is the technology so superior?

Most skin resurfacing and tightening is carried out with Co2 lasers both fractionated and unfractionated, but all those lasers have similar challenges meaning they are painful.They may even require local anaesthetics or sedatives in some cases.The down time is lengthy 5-7 days and carries risks of eye damage or scarring. Lasers also reduce the efficacy of transdermal delivery.

With lasers there is also more potential for aggressive damage .

With Mezotix the downtime is minimal. Transdermal delivery is optimised  so the results are phenomenal. Patients are motivated to come back because of the results, minimal down time and almost pain free if not  an entirely pain free experience.

One can  achieve both rejuvenation and an incredible tightening effect , far superior to laser tightening.

  Unlike lasers It can be used to treat all skin types and ethnicities.


The Treatment

During the treatment the tip of the device is applied to the surface of the skin and the pins apex and makes contact with the skin transmitting the thermal energy into the skin.

The actual contact with the skin is a mere few milliseconds and can be adjusted to  between 5-18 ms depending on what is being treated. The tip distance can be set to have contact with the skin between 100-1000micronsThe pins heated to 400degrees . The heat transfer mimics the actions of all laser wavelengths with a single absorption. The patients find this treatment offers minimal discomfort and is therefore more tolerable than any laser.  Depending on the contact time it is a decomposition of the stratum corneum  and leaves spaces in the epidermis. Extended time causes the disruption of the epidermis and the dermis starts to coagulate.



Lets Get Technical.


The device is table top sized, 7kg  transportable powered by non laser technology called Thermal Mechanical Action TMA. Requires no ongoing costs except a head replacement after approximately 100,000 shots. The thermal energy is emitted by a square tip  that carries 81 small pyramid shaped pins made up of a copper and gold heat reservoir covered by a thin titanium shell, which in turn is heated by a small ceramic heater. 


The pins are heated to a temperature of 400 degrees centigrade which is comparable to the heat generated by the Co2 laser.

These pins create micro-channels which are 170 microns wide and 1250 microns apart and between 50 and 200 microns deep. Controlled uniform treatment zones are created.


A second smaller device has been created in order to easily treat the eye area and the upper lip area with ease.


The energy transfer and extreme heat keep the instrument  sterile during the entire treatment and subsequently , only require  a gentle clean with a toothbrush after each use.




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